Top 5 Best School Furniture Manufacturers in Delhi
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Top 5 Best School Furniture Manufacturers in Delhi

Established in 1948, Maskeen Overseas has been a pioneer in the realm of play school toy manufacturing, dedicated to infusing the world of children with boundless joy and vibrant experiences.Over the years, our vision has expanded to encompass educational furniture, catering not only to the youngest learners but also to high school, college, and hostel students. This evolution has propelled us to be recognized as one of the Top 5 Best School Furniture Manufacturers in Delhi. Guided by the insightful leadership of our CEO, Mr. Sahibjeet Singh, we have harnessed the best and most cutting-edge techniques in producing toys and furniture, utilizing top-grade raw materials. Our mission is rooted in providing furniture that not only assures quality but also creates an environment where children and students feel at ease and inspired during their learning and recreational endeavours.

At Maskeen Overseas, we hold steadfast to our aspirations, envisioning a future where we play an integral role in shaping the educational landscape. With a commitment to excellence and a vision for innovation, we are dedicated to contributing to the golden journey of both young minds and tertiary education students through our trendsetting furniture solutions. Our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of quality, a passion for creating enriching experiences for children, and an unwavering commitment to the field of education. We take pride in our legacy and look forward to continuing our mission of providing exceptional educational furniture for generations to come.

Maskeen Overseas won GEA2019 award for Most Trusted Play School Toys Manufacturers in India

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Why Choose Us
Infrastructure Facilities

Infrastructure Facilities

Expert team manufactures Plastic, Wood, & Steel school furniture using top-grade virgin raw materials.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Follow quality and safety protocols to offer quality & unique design furniture for educational institutes.

Value For Money

Value For Money

We understand that school furniture is a huge investment and thus we ensure our products are worth a single penny.

Easy Customization

Easy Customization

With years of experience, our trained professionals are flexible with designs and find ease in customized furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1, What materials do you use while making school furniture?

    We use virgin plastic, wood, as well as steel, depending on what age group you want them.

  • Q.2, What is the minimum order quantity?

    There is no limit. But, we are happy to serve you in bulk on time.

  • Q.3, Is it easy to move around?

    Yes, the furniture is very lightweight and easily replaceable.

  • Q.4, Is the school furniture able to withstand different learning styles?

    Definitely, our range of furniture is very durable and flexible. They easily support every learning style.

  • Q.5, Do you provide individual sitting choices for kids?

    Certainly, we offer single as well as multiple seating options. You can choose as per the type of kids or students' strengths.

  • Q.6, Does the furniture have inbuilt cabinets or compartments for extra things?

    We do provide standard as well as customized school furniture. You can customize cabinets or can buy without cabinets, totally depending on your need.

  • Q.7, Is your furniture comfortable and healthy?

    For sure! We offer soft seating, and adjustable height furniture that gives comfort, flexibility and ease to students, educators, and supporting staff members.

  • Q.8, Can I get the same-day delivery?

    Well, it completely depends on the distance. We are headquartered in Delhi and can provide same-day shipment in nearby locations. But, we respect your time and try to fulfill your desires within the given delivery time after you place an order.

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