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Are you searching for a reliable provider of furniture, your search ends with Masken Overseas. We ensure that we give each and every one of our customers with School Furniture in Ghana that promotes students to their highest caliber. 

We frequently include cutting-edge innovations and make them modern and elegant. Our effort is to keep designing school furniture that satisfies the present and future needs of modernity and elegance in Ghana

Leading School Furniture Manufacturer in Ghana

Our broad range of school furniture includes items that smooths development and productivity by retaining student attention of learning at a class. We are known to be the School Furniture Manufacturer in Ghana producing the finest quality furniture that is perfect for schools. 

The furniture we offer is regarded as an ideal choice for children as it promotes good posture and flexible movement. Our furniture and furnishings have become an essential component of schools and institutions in Ghana.

Modular School Furniture Suppliers in Ghana

To uphold and maintain our furniture quality, our professionals inspect and maintain appropriate safety and quality standards. The comfort of our school furniture aids in improving focus, you can choose from our sizable selection of school furniture and choose the perfect desks, tables, and chairs. Avail of these efficient, beautiful, and affordable school furniture by contacting us, we are the chief Modular School Furniture Supplier in Ghana.

Are you searching for a reliable provider of furniture, your search ends with Masken Overseas. We ensure that we give each and every one of our customers with School Furniture in Ghana that promotes students to their highest caliber. 

We frequently include cutting-edge innovations and make them modern and elegant. Our effort is to keep designing school furniture that satisfies the present and future needs of moderni..

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Play School Furniture

Maskeen Overseas is a well-known company engaged in producing top-quality play schools. We understand how children's education is crucial. We are the best manufacturer of kids' chairs and desk furniture in India. Every child is vulnerable at the time of their play school class, this is why they need utmost care at home. 


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Nursery Furniture

At Maskeen Overseas, we don’t only offer furniture to primary and secondary schools, but we also cater to the requirements of young kids too. Our primary school furniture has an attractive collection for preschool, nursery and early learning classes. We understand the busy environment of nursery school kids, so safety is at the top of our list.

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Preschool Furniture

Preschool furniture is used for catering to a large number of schools, colleges, libraries, and institute furniture. This furniture is generally used for play schools and for establishing the seating patterns of small children to ensure that they sit comfortably. Further, the preschool furniture is made using durable and high-quality materials.

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Primary School Furniture

School furniture is important. It significantly contributes to how well students learn. How does furniture in schools impact learning? Well, the right school furniture contributes to students' comfort, support, and posture, all of which positively affect students' capacity for focus and productivity. It allows for student engagement and improvement in schools.


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Classroom Furniture

The classroom furniture needs to be safe, durable, functional and affordable. Maskeen Overseas- one of India’s leading school furniture manufacturers, ensures that all the qualities are considered when producing school furniture.

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Nursery School Plastic Furniture

Maskeen Overseas is a reputed furniture organization that deals with all kinds of furniture related to schools, colleges, libraries, dormitories, institutes, as well as hostels. 

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Plastic School Furniture

Maskeen Overseas specializes in producing top-quality plastic school furniture that is ideal for children of different age groups. Our range is perfect for classroom and educational institutes that are durable, safe and weather resistant.

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Kids Plastic Furniture

Children feel excited and happy when exploring their place and sometimes get very excited when coming across the colorful furniture manufactured for them. With highly skilled professionals' help, we produce children's plastic furniture.

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Kindergarten Furniture

Kids are active class participants who adapt quickly to their surroundings. The preschool to primary school duration is crucial for the child’s brain development. Children aged 2-6 years require exciting and joyful learning, and kids' furniture plays a vital role in enhancing the learning process.

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Senior School Furniture

When it comes to purchasing furniture for any education institute, there should not be a compromise in quality. We at Maskeen Overseas are engaged in offering the best quality school furniture available in varied designs and shapes to meet clients' needs.

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Play School Table

Play School Table has been beautifully designed to captivate the imagination of the kids. These tables are colorful, attractive, and trendy enough to attract students from high-profile families to take admissions in the schools.

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Kids Table

We at Maskeen Overseas provide varied types of kids' tables available in different designs and sizes to meet clients' requirements. These tables are manufactured using top-grade material and modern techniques per industrial standards.

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Kids Round Table

Purchase round tables from one of the most trusted manufacturers in Delhi, like Maskeen Overseas. The offered tables easily impressed the little toddlers due to their attractive shapes, color and designs. Kids will surely love these tables as they are available in varied designs.

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Play School Chair

One of the prominent manufacturers of play school furniture, Maskeen Furniture has designed these chairs with immaculate precision and they are used for sitting purposes in play schools. These chairs have been built using top-grade material and we try our best to make these chairs to the tastes of children and to match their needs.

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Preschool Chair

We at Maskeen Overseas provide a top-quality Preschool Chair furniture deal for classrooms. These chairs are available in different sizes, colors and designs to match clients' needs. Our professionals at Maskeen Overseas produce and design primary school furniture using the best-grade material and modern machines.

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Kids School Chair

Kids School chairs are a perfect addition to any school and home. These chairs have no sharp edges and come with smooth surfaces. They are an ideal match with round tables. This school chair is made of top-grade material that ensures its lightweight and sturdiness, which makes the sitting comfortable for children.

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School Chair

Maskeen Overseas knows that chairs are like the staple ingredient for any classroom and the difference between these chairs and play school chairs is that these chairs are used for higher standards and are much more vital and trustworthy. Further, the school chairs are designed specially to help students to attain comfort during their classroom sessions.

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Kids Chair

Maskeen Overseas is engaged in presenting a durable collection of Kids Chairs that are utilized both outdoors and indoors. Our offered range is designed using top-class materials and the latest technology under the guidance of skilled experts.

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School Plastic Chair

If you are searching for the top quality and durable range of School Plastic chairs in Delhi, Maskeen Overseas has various options to meet your needs. We specialize in producing top-quality plastic chairs ideal for kids of different age groups.

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Kids Bookcase

Kids Bookcases contain books meant for kids and thus these bookcases have an appealing charm that can attract the kids towards them. Further, the kids love anything shiny and appealing at the same time, and thus, the kids love this equipment.

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School Desk

We are the prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of an extensive collection of School desks. We use top-quality material and the latest technology to produce and design this desk to ensure their international standards. We provide desks of varied designs and sizes by the details given by clients.

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Primary School Desk

Welcome to Maskeen Overseas! A complete solution provider of school, college, hostel, institute, and dormitory furniture to support the needs of today’s kids and students during the comfortable learning experience.

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Stainless Steel School Bench

We are the prominent designers and manufacturers of Stainless Steel School Benches and we use pure quality stainless steel. This is why these benches are preferred much more as compared to plastic and wooden benches. Further, these benches are also resistant to corrosion and are damage free.

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School Benches

Great infrastructure is counted among the major strengths of a good school. If running a school, you must ensure that you install a top-quality range of benches in your education institutes. Our range of benches is available in eye-catching designs and varied sizes to meet clients' needs. Here are some attractive features of our collection-

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Classroom Chair

Classroom chairs should fit the requirements of kids in terms of structure and comfort. The chair offered by Maskeen Overseas assists kids by encouraging the best posture. School furniture plays a crucial role in any learning institute.

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Primary School Chair

Primary School Chairs are used for fulfilling the seating needs of students who are studying in primary standards. The students obviously are kids and thus they require colorful furniture that can liven up the surroundings.

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Teacher Table Set

Maskeen Overseas presents an exceptional range of superior quality teacher table sets available at cost-effective market prices. We are one of the leading Table Set providers in Delhi, offering various types of school furniture that are comfortable, durable and available at the best price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1) What materials do you use while making school furniture?

    We use virgin plastic, wood, as well as steel, depending on what age group you want them.

  • Q.2) What is the minimum order quantity?

    There is no limit. But, we are happy to serve you in bulk on time.

  • Q.3) Is it easy to move around?

    Yes, the furniture is very lightweight and easily replaceable.

  • Q.4) Is the school furniture able to withstand different learning styles?

    Definitely, our range of furniture is very durable and flexible. They easily support every learning style.

  • Q.5) Do you provide individual sitting choices for kids?

    Certainly, we offer single as well as multiple seating options. You can choose as per the type of kids or students' strengths.

  • Q.6) Does the furniture have inbuilt cabinets or compartments for extra things?

    We do provide standard as well as customized school furniture. You can customize cabinets or can buy without cabinets, totally depending on your need.

  • Q.7) Is your furniture comfortable and healthy?

    For sure! We offer soft seating, and adjustable height furniture that gives comfort, flexibility and ease to students, educators, and supporting staff members.

  • Q.8) Can I get the same-day delivery?

    Well, it completely depends on the distance. We are headquartered in Delhi and can provide same-day shipment in nearby locations. But, we respect your time and try to fulfill your desires within the given delivery time after you place an order.

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